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    Henry Grace à Dieu (Henry Grace of God), launched in 1514 at Woolwich Dockyard, was also known as Great
    Harry, an English carrack or “great ship” of the 16th century. Henry Grace à Dieu was even larger than its
    contemporary – Mary Rose.
    Great Harry was reportedly the first with four masts and the first to carry armoury. The fore-castle was four decks
    high and used as the sailor’s and soldier’s quarters, also as a downward-firing platform for archers and light
    gunners. Displaced at 1,000-1500 tons and was crewed up to 1,420 men while being outfitted with 69 guns of
    various caliber. She was 190 feet (50 m) long, with a beam of 50 feet and draft of 20 feet. It is said that she was
    ordered by Henry VIII in response to the Scottish ship “Michael”. “Great Harry” was the largest and most powerful
    warship in Europe. She was luxuriously fitted out as a royal showpiece with flags flown from the top of every mast
    (50 to 80 feet) elaborately embroidered pennants flying from the bowsprit and along the masts between the sails.
    Some Navy historians credit King Henry as being the father of the English Navy for this new military strategy of
    the “broadside”, which for the first time formally came into play. The King also purchased at least 100 lighter iron
    cannon for the “Great Harry”. The type and caliber of cannon allowed some tactical flexibility to the captain – able
    to attack at long, medium and short range with weapons suited for different roles and ranges.
    At the time of its completion, the Henry Grace a Dieu became the most advanced and heavily armed warship in
    the world.

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    Looking to buy second hand floating pontoon 0425717688

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