If you haven’t had the chance to visit the club in the last few months then you have totally missed the transformation of the OLD Eastern Lawn…. Into the NEW 4Shore bar on the Quarter Deck.

Southport Yacht Club is excited to have not only the ONLY North facing Bar on the Gold Coast is also the ONLY Bar on the water where you can witness the Gold Coast’s spectacular sunsets. All new and all for our Members and Guests.

The current deck has almost doubled in size and the roof line also extended. Growing our current seating, in the main Club area, from 300 to over 400pax for downstairs alone.
The new fully quipped bar located on the eastern side of the deck compliments the area perfectly!

With the addition of a new Tapas-style menu available Friday, Saturday and Sundays is the perfect pairing to the new range of cocktails we have on tap from Lexington Hill. Margarita’s, Espresso martinis, Sangria or a Rose Cider…..

The area will cater as a wet weather back up for outdoor functions and is also available for private functions on certain days.

The new furniture for the area is expected to arrive mid-late October and will see another huge transformation, with a completely new, even more relaxed causal vibe – modular couches, high bars and chairs with crisp white, navy and orange as the colour pallet.
The furniture will also extend right through the Waterfront restaurant. Bringing with is a mush fresher existence.

Every Friday Night the Club will offer live Acoustic Music on the Quarter Deck, allowing our members to enjoy sitting outdoors comfortably over the sultry spring and summer nights.

Why the 4Shore Bar on the Quarter Deck?
The name  – we all know what a foreshore is (those that don’t – It is the part of a shore between high and low water marks, or between the water and cultivated or developed land)…

The ‘4’ is super significant….
4 gentlemen used 4 vessels to take wounded servicemen on day trips around the Broadwater…. from here the idea of a Yacht Club came about.

And on April (the 4th Month) 26th 1946 Southport Yacht  Club was formed.
SYC have 4 locations – Hollywell, Main Beach, Oxenford & Dux.

Quarter Deck is pretty much a given for all our Sailors out there – the part of a ship’s upper deck near the stern, traditionally reserved for officers, in this case members and guests. And what the area will be commonly referred to.

Make sure you are following us on our Social media channels to see when the GRAND opening of the 4Shore bar will be!

For further information please contact Southport Yacht Club via 07 5591 3500