Skippers, please post any crew needs here including dates and skills needed and sailors please post your crew availability and previous experience… Please note your comment will be removed after a months time.

  1. Alan

    Hello Everyone
    My name Alan –recently moved to the Gold Coast. Looking to gain some sailing experience.. I completed a Competent Crew certificate some years ago but now need a refresh. I am sure I can get up to speed quickly..
    Happy to help with any kind of task in exchange for experience.
    I am available anytime.

  2. Nicholas

    Hello everyone
    My name Nicholas, 47 yrs old – looking to gain some experience in sailing yachts.
    Always had a passionate dream to live and sail the waters of our beautiful broadwater.
    Happy to help with any kind of job in exchange for experience.
    Looking forward to hearing from others.
    Mobile: 0405047785

  3. Seba Carvallo

    Hi Terry;
    Congratulations for you new yacht.
    My wife and I have a dream, which is to sail to french Polynesia and live there, specifically in the society archipelago.
    To achieve this we have a 3 year plan to learn to sail.
    We know that it is going to be hard as we don´t have much experience but we are determined adventurer´s and passionate about the ocean so we are ready to overcome all barriers towards our dream. We live in Coolangatta. I am a lifetime surfer and my wife is a scuba diving lover. We are ready to join and team and jump on board. We are both hard workers and If you give us a chance I think we will be really helpful in any jobs/tasks you set for us.
    Seba & Trish

  4. Holly Wright

    Hey all!

    I have just moved back down to the Gold Coast and would love to do some crewing on the twilight sails or weekend races.
    I am female, 23 y/o, keen to work hard and keen to learn. I have a couple years experience sailing beach cats and want to step up to a bigger challenge.

    Give me a call anytime on 0433 377 061.


  5. Anne

    Crew opportunity wanted – Wanting to crew on keelboat for Gold Coast sailing..

    Hi, I am an experienced blue water female sailor, with skipper’s ticket, and sailed many of the world’s great oceans.. I am new to the coast, and wanting to get back out on the ocean. love to do some racing crewing.

    Call me, 0413114795. (Anne)

  6. Daniel


    I’m a keen and experience sailor who is looking to crew.
    I have crewed before and live near Currumbin.
    Looking for as much experience as I can get.
    More importantly, I can tie a bowline, work hard and follow orders!


  7. Del

    Hi Ben, we are looking for someone to join the sail to Indonesia rally this year.
    Like to have some more details please.

  8. Ashley

    I’ve been sailing for a year now and I would love to get more experience sailing! My boyfriend and two friends are interested in learning how to sail as well. If anyone needs crew, let me know!


  9. Ben Andrews


    I’ve been sailing for most of my life and have recently moved to the GC. I’m a 45 yo Kiwi keen to crew and have a 30 yo girlfriend from Florida, who would like to get some more sailing experience. If anyone needs crew for day trips or day racing give me a call.




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  11. Arnaldo Viggiani

    Hi Saillors 🙂
    I’ve got no experience sailing but I’ve been always passionate for the sport and I’d love to learn it as I want to circumnavigate the earth one day in the future so I might start learning somehow… I’m eager to learn and I’d be happy to help with anything or any kind of job in exchange, I’m available anytime

    • Arnaldo
      I have bought myself a 48 foot yacht and I have little experience myself I am going to look for more people that have experience and I am thinking of you being a part of the team strong and energetic and keen we will have to talk about how much free time you’ve got weekdays and weekends
      Cum back
      Cheers Terry

      • Alan

        Hello Terry
        Are you still looking for crew?

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