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  1. Jennifer Akers

    Looking for an experienced skipper to help me from time to time, enjoy my cruising ketch 60ft. Jennifer. 0408198199

  2. Matthew Benson

    Morning all,

    I’m Canadian engineer living in Southport and have sailed recreationally in Vancouver on and off for 3 years. Just completed a crewing/helming course at the Southport Yacht Club to get up on the local jargon and sailing culture. I’m around most weekends. Weight is 67kg for any racing adventures.


  3. Rebecca C.

    Hello there! Currently studying at the Gold Coast, Im a 27 year girl from Panama keen to get some sailing here. Used to work as a stewardess/ cook on boat charters and general boat cleaning and maintenance back on the Caribbean side of Panama, so know my way around boats and tenders, though I’d be keen to learn how to properly sailing. I’d love to crew fir some fun sailing or weekly regattas if possible!
    my phone contact is 0460923542 /
    Kind regards 🙂

  4. Joni Karonen

    Hello to all!

    My name is Joni and I am from Finland. I am looking for a crew opportunity to get into sailing in Australia and meet new people. I have been sailing 5+ years in Baltic sea and done couple of races in crew as well. I live permanently in Kingscliff.
    Cheers, 0452287748

  5. Shaji Jacob

    Shaji Jacob

    I am looking for a crew spot. I have sailing experience in Enterprise class long back. I am 46 fit and fast learner live in Gold Coast area . I am available any time ..
    Shaji – 0432 833 950

  6. Paul Thomas

    Hi all,

    Paul’s my name, and I’m fit and keen to secure a crew spot. Ive done ocean and harbour racing, live on the Goldie. I am an offshore FIFO worker with a roster to provide availability with regular 2and 4 week breaks.

    Thanks……….Paul 0411083556

  7. Paul

    Hello all,

    My name is Paul, 50 yrs old, fit and keen. I’m hoping to become crew for a yacht. Sailed dinghies, club races in Sydney, and Hobart to Sydney a couple of times. I work offshore in WA with a roster which provides clarity for availability. I live on the Goldie and look forward to any opportunity.

    Thanks…….Paul 0411 083 556

  8. Robert Griffiths

    Hi All Skippers,

    I’m looking for a opportunity to crew on a boat, any position! Available most weekends.
    I’ve sailed dinghies as a kid. Also “crewed” on the First Fleet Re-enactment Voyage from Fremantle to Sydney in January 1988 aboard the Amorina.

  9. Janelle Marshall

    Hi, I,m Janelle and interested in crewing for the Sail Paradise Regatta. and other off shore events.
    Have been crewing in the SYC twilight races and just completed the Sea Saftey Survival course..
    Contact 0437956334

  10. Rick Smith

    My name is Rick Smith from Vernon,BC, Canada. I am a member of the Vernon Yacht Club and sail in club racing. I understand your season just ended and that there is a regatta starting January 2. I am interested in crewing. Please pass my name on to the skippers or interested parties. I am also available to go out for a sail in the mean time should there be a skipper who might need a hand.
    I am here until January 8. Phone 0481227964 Regards, Rick Smith

  11. Retired doctor,64 y.o.
    Use to sail in Europe and Australia many years ago.
    Now passion is back.
    Available for sailing in the Pacific December/January.

  12. Nicolas

    Im 26 From Spain, I have 20 years experience on dinghy and sailing yachts since in professional sailing competition (world championships, match race, oceanic races, etc…).
    Im looking for a boat to sail and enjoy the ocean.

    • Hi Nicolas just checking to see if you are still looking for a crew position ? I have a Elliott 5.9 that I will be racing out of Hollywell, if you are interested in sailing on Wednesday nights and some weekends please contact me on 0466 977 170 Regards Grant

  13. Hi my names Nik,
    I’m 29, fit, keen and a quick leaner.
    I sailed dinghies of many varieties in hobart throughout my youth and also crewed on Yachts in the 40 foot range at times. I’m keen for an opportunity to get back in the sport.
    I’m punctual and reliable.
    Find my details below, cheers Nik

  14. paul newson

    Hello All.

    my name is Paul (44) and i am wanting to up my sailing/ crewing experience, with either local regatta’s, race days, or international crewing opportunities.

    I have sailing experience ( dinghy) though i am wanting to learn about every aspect of sailing and navigation and increase my skills.

    I work online and can accommodate almost any situation with enough notice.

    Thanks In Advance

    Paul Newson

    0424 814 519

  15. Looking for a sailing boat for casual sailing on Wednesday afternoons or week-end sailing, i have sailed extensively around the world but seeking a casual spot.
    Call Penny on 0421324553

  16. Joe da Ponte

    I am looking to do the Rolex Sydney Hobart race this year.
    I have quite a bit of coastal and offshore racing experience and personally have a J44 .
    I am wondering if you would be able to put me in touch with any sailing vessel racing this year who would need crew.
    I am prepared to leave at very short notice to join a team and would be considering bringing the vessel back to home port.

  17. Nathan

    Hi all,
    I’m looking to find a regular / semi regular spot on board, I’ve got experience on a mixture of vessel sizes and types as well as all of the safety certificates for offshore. Happy to fill any spot and learn some more.
    Nathan 0448037214,

  18. Stephen Broadbent

    Just moved to Runaway Bay and joined SYC. Keen for a sail anytime.
    Extensive racing experience on Ross 780s, Young 88s, Elliott 7s, and Thompson 850. Mainly harbour or windward leewards.
    Happy doing anything from bow to helm
    Stephen Ph 0403824281 or

  19. Karen Walsh


    I am a fit 54 year old recently moved to the Gold Coast. No formal qualifications but have spent a long time cruising the coast and offshore on a 38 foot mono hull. Also did some club races in Cairns a few years ago.

    Would love the opportunity to start sailing again.

    0412 849 935

  20. Renee Cohen

    Hi all,
    Hoping to find a crewing opportunity. I completed the Adult Dinghy Sailing Course through Southport Yacht Club back in February but unfortunately haven’t had the opportunity to sail since then. Super keen to learn and have fairly open availability.

    • Tony Shaw

      Hi Renee, if you would like to talk give me a call please do. I have a Dehler 34 cruiser / racer. Tony 0411 429 527

    • Dan

      Hey Renee, call Captain Dan from B-52

  21. Renee Cohen

    Hi all,
    Hoping to find a crewing opportunity. Completed the Adult Dinghy Sailing Course through Southport Yacht Club back in February but unfortunately haven’t had any opportunities to go sailing since then. Super keen to learn and have fairly open availability.

  22. Jason Jago

    I’m looking for a opportunity to crew on a boat . I don’t have any sailing experience but keen to learn. I’m 46 years old but fit and healthy .

  23. Hello! My name is faisal im 45 and living on the Gold Coast, I have never sailed before but love to learning sailing
    I love sailing and I am willing to work on boat as crew member

  24. Looking to get a spot on a boat to do some crewing. available any time. anything would be great.
    Cheers Martin 0435529295

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